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Principal's Corner

Principal's Corner

August 1, 2017

Dear Meadow Heights Families:

I hope you’re all enjoying the last weeks of summer! Soon our teachers and support staff will be returning to school getting themselves ready for another great school year. This year, we are launching Positive Behavior Intervention Support, (PBIS) and Life Skills school wide. We will be working with our students to understand and learn to be respectful, responsible and safe on the playground, during assemblies, field trips, in the art room, library/computer lab, bathroom, lunch court and other areas throughout the school day. Additionally, we will be focusing on specific Life Skills using a book of the month. Each month, all classrooms will be reading the literature that focuses on the Life Skill of the month. Focusing on PBIS and Life Skills as a school will allow us all to have the same language, expectations as we work towards the same goals.

Safety is the number one priority at Meadow Heights. To ensure our students and their families arrive and leave school safely please follow these precautions. Park only in permitted areas before and after school. All crosswalks and red zones must be clear of cars at all times with no parking, backing up or stopping allowed in these areas. The white curbed coned area on Parkside Way is for drop-off and pick-up only. Students must be ready to quickly disembark cars in the morning. In the afternoon, students must wait behind the fence and ready to be picked up. At no time are cars allowed to be stationary for an extended period of time in the white curbed area on Parkside Way or in red zones. We no longer have a volunteer crossing guard in the morning or support with pick-ups in the afternoon. We are in need of assistance with a crossing guard on Parkside Way in the am and pm. Please call the office if you’re interested in assisting. Crosswalk assistance is needed every morning, 8:00-8:20, 8:20-8:40 and in the afternoon, 3:00-3:20. Please consider volunteering for one or more days in order to help keep our families safe when walking across the street. Click here to review our Bell Schedule.

Daily supervision on the yard begins at 8:10 when the school gates open. Students are not allowed on the campus past the gates prior to 8:10. At the start of their school day when the bell rings, students are to line up on the primary grade playground at their classroom number to meet their teacher. Upper grade students start earlier than primary grades. In an effort to have a quiet learning environment for 4th-5th graders, students in TK-3rd grades may only play on the upper yard area before school. Hallways are off limits to students and their families in the morning. Please plan on saying goodbye to your child in line and refrain from entering the classroom. This will allow teachers to quickly take roll and start their day of instruction. Parents, please keep conversations at a minimum when waiting to pick up your child after school if you are near classrooms. Important information is being shared with your children at the end of the day inside the classrooms.

As we all work together to raise your children, teachers can better support you with open communication. Please check with your child’s teacher on the best way to keep the lines of communication open throughout the school year. The school handbook will have a wealth of information for you. School handbooks will be available online this school year. Please notify the office if you need a hard copy of the school handbook. Please read it carefully so you are up to date with our school information and procedures.

The Meadow Heights staff and I are looking forward to seeing our families on the first day of school. Together, we will work hard to provide a safe and productive learning environment for our students. See you on August 15th!

Stephanie Fraumeni, Principal

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