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Wellness Resources

School Safety Information - 2021-2022

                                                                    MAKING A DIFFERENCE!!
                                    We support our District’s Student Wellness Board Policy 5030

  •  Our schools promote a safe and positive school environment
  •  Our schools reinforce students’ understanding and appreciation of the
    importance of a healthy lifestyle
  •  Our teachers promote health and nutrition education
  •  Our students actively enjoy physical education and physical activity
  •  Our staff serves as positive role models
  •  Our classrooms celebrate with healthy food, refreshing water, and/or physical
  •  We support our school meal program and after school program
  •  Our teachers reward students with fun activities or healthy food choices
  •  Our schools promote store bought, pre packaged, and pre-wrapped items with a
    label listing ingredients so students with food allergies are protected from
    accidental exposure
  •  Our schools fund raise in a healthy way, such as with walk-a-thons
  •  Our families participate in our Safe Routes to School walk to school programs
  •  Our wellness committee meets regularly to keep our policies alive
                                             Student health is vital to academic achievement!